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$5 teenies

I have a trip I'm going on in a week, and I'm real close to having my monetary goals set for basic necessities, so I'm offering little simplified headshots like seen above for just $5!
My Teenies are transparent images by default so they can be used as icons, graphics or whatever you'd like!
I think they'd make cute badges, but without knowledge of how to produce them, I can't offer those up to mail them out, but you're more than welcome to turn it into a badge if you'd like c:

I'm open to doodling humans, furries and even those of the muzzled variety.
I can get these done rather quickly, so payment for these is due upfront! I currently do not have a limit on how many I will do, so order a dozen if you're so inclined!

If you're interested, leave a comment below, or feel free to shoot me an email via biahmicmah[AT]gmail!


sketch commissions

click for: irregularly updated art blog or pretty much abandoned deviantART

digital or traditional sketches for $10
traditional will be mailed. watercolour for +$5.

paypal only. message on here, or e-mail at wonder.space.dog@gmail.com ~~ any species OK, but must have a ref sheet. thank you

$5 Icon Special !

I'm doing Icons like these ! They're $5 each with a super fast turnaround. The turnaround time is about a day at the least and a few days at the most !

I can do any species, Humans, Feral, Anthro, Humanoids, ponies, mechs, etc.

Order Form

Number of Icons:

As soon as I confirm your order I will send you an invoice. Please remember to select no shipping on it.

Icon Commissions

Howdy guys! With summer starting early for me (Vegas heat, yikes!) I thought i would open up for some icon commissions. :D
No theme in particular, but if you have an idea feel free to let me know! I can also do joined/couples icons.

Images and prices under here!Collapse )

Thanks for looking!

For just $5.00 USD you can get a cute, profile, fully colored and inked headshot! Turn around for each image is around an hour.
More Examples and Lower Price Teirs Under the Cut:Collapse )


Tiny Commission Sale

I'm trying to get a little bit of practice with the following items, so I thought I'd have a little sale.

-Mini Headshots $3 USD
-Chibis $10 USD
-Mini Chibis $5 USD
-Colored Sketches/Sketchy Ref $12 USD

- Estimated turn-around is a few days to a week.
- Feral characters only for the sketch refs.
- Complex characters are extra (tattoos, wings, lots of piercings, etc.). I will let you know when ordering if this is the case.
- Payment is needed before commissions are started. Payment should be sent via PayPal as payment for services/goods, not gift. Please include your username in the note section. I will PM my address to you.

You can find me on FA, weasyl, and dA under the same username: SpytDragonFyre

$10 Badge Special!

I am running a special on badges $10 for one or 2 for $15!
**Normally my badges are 1 for $15, or 2 for $20.
***Ref art preferred if available

Don't pay until you see the sketch WIP!
Badges are quite sizable (usually about 4"-5" tall). They are colored traditionally with Prisma pencils, are laminated, and come with a clip. The Price covers shipping costs within the USA.

I have 10 slots open!
Paypal only, please~! This is be given via LJ message.

These have a turnaround of one day, give or the time needed to approve the static pixel.
They are delivered as a 50x50 icon, as well as an upscaled 100x100 icon.

Perfect for use on both deviantART and Furaffinity / Weasyl!

Animated examples under the cut.Collapse )

Ref Sheet Sale and $5 Chibies!

ETA As of March 29th, this offer is now closed :3 Thank yall!

Hi hi! Doing some quick sales to drum up money after some poorly timed car trouble! (Ain't that always the way!)


Other Sample: Sample 2
You will get a Front + Back/Side side view of your character + TWO headshots, OR a front view of your character and FOUR headshots! Please bare in mind these will be drawn and flat colored in the simple cutesy style as the poodle example! Super complicated details may be extra (like if you have 6 wings or something.)

1 2 3
Simple and cute and straight to the point!

Examples: 1 2 3
A grayscale actiony sketch of your character! Mooostly full body.

Shooting to finish with all commissions by the end of next week, but turnaround time may be sooner! Will always contact if it will take longer than intended. Thank you for looking! My email is masterofmon @ gmail dot com if you rather contact me privately, or for a different commission. Thank you!

Free Sketch (Spots closed)

Hi! I love anthro & furry art but have next to no experience drawing it, so I'd like to get some. I draw in a sort of anime style, and I've drawn loads of fanart, but it's all been human.

I'm offering a free digital sketch of your character to the first two people who comment to this post. Furries/anthropomorphic humanoids only, no feral etc. characters please.

The only thing I ask in return is some mild constructive criticism of the finished product :) If you love it, a tip would be accepted, but it's absolutely not mandatory, or even expected!

Please provide at least one reference image of your character. Thank you!

Slots closed, thanks! :)


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