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$5 teenies

I have a trip I'm going on in a week, and I'm real close to having my monetary goals set for basic necessities, so I'm offering little simplified headshots like seen above for just $5!
My Teenies are transparent images by default so they can be used as icons, graphics or whatever you'd like!
I think they'd make cute badges, but without knowledge of how to produce them, I can't offer those up to mail them out, but you're more than welcome to turn it into a badge if you'd like c:

I'm open to doodling humans, furries and even those of the muzzled variety.
I can get these done rather quickly, so payment for these is due upfront! I currently do not have a limit on how many I will do, so order a dozen if you're so inclined!

If you're interested, leave a comment below, or feel free to shoot me an email via biahmicmah[AT]gmail!
Majy Pant

$5 Icon Special !

I'm doing Icons like these ! They're $5 each with a super fast turnaround. The turnaround time is about a day at the least and a few days at the most !

I can do any species, Humans, Feral, Anthro, Humanoids, ponies, mechs, etc.

Order Form

Number of Icons:

As soon as I confirm your order I will send you an invoice. Please remember to select no shipping on it.

Tiny Commission Sale

I'm trying to get a little bit of practice with the following items, so I thought I'd have a little sale.

-Mini Headshots $3 USD
-Chibis $10 USD
-Mini Chibis $5 USD
-Colored Sketches/Sketchy Ref $12 USD

- Estimated turn-around is a few days to a week.
- Feral characters only for the sketch refs.
- Complex characters are extra (tattoos, wings, lots of piercings, etc.). I will let you know when ordering if this is the case.
- Payment is needed before commissions are started. Payment should be sent via PayPal as payment for services/goods, not gift. Please include your username in the note section. I will PM my address to you.

You can find me on FA, weasyl, and dA under the same username: SpytDragonFyre

$10 Badge Special!

I am running a special on badges $10 for one or 2 for $15!
**Normally my badges are 1 for $15, or 2 for $20.
***Ref art preferred if available

Don't pay until you see the sketch WIP!
Badges are quite sizable (usually about 4"-5" tall). They are colored traditionally with Prisma pencils, are laminated, and come with a clip. The Price covers shipping costs within the USA.

I have 10 slots open!
Paypal only, please~! This is be given via LJ message.
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Free Sketch (Spots closed)

Hi! I love anthro & furry art but have next to no experience drawing it, so I'd like to get some. I draw in a sort of anime style, and I've drawn loads of fanart, but it's all been human.

I'm offering a free digital sketch of your character to the first two people who comment to this post. Furries/anthropomorphic humanoids only, no feral etc. characters please.

The only thing I ask in return is some mild constructive criticism of the finished product :) If you love it, a tip would be accepted, but it's absolutely not mandatory, or even expected!

Please provide at least one reference image of your character. Thank you!

Slots closed, thanks! :)