Meg a.k.a. LeOrkid (shiftergoddess) wrote in teenycom,
Meg a.k.a. LeOrkid

Icon Commissions

Howdy guys! With summer starting early for me (Vegas heat, yikes!) I thought i would open up for some icon commissions. :D
No theme in particular, but if you have an idea feel free to let me know! I can also do joined/couples icons.

Single character, full CG with simple backgrounds for $15.

Single character with flats and solid color backgrounds for $10.

All icon commissions are 500x500 in size and will be resized upon request. I will also stream your commission if you'd like. :)
If you'd like more info about a couples/joined icons, feel free to message me.

You can find me on deviantART, Weasyl and tumblr. If you're interested in an icon commission you can comment here, e-mail me or PM me on any of the sites i linked. :)

Thanks for looking!
Tags: icon: static

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