December 8th, 2011

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low detail - nude or minimal clothing
high detail - clothing, heavily detailed char design, etc

$2 Rough Sketches (low detail)
$5 Complete Sketches (low detail)
$7 Inks (low detail)
$8 Colored (low detail)
+$2 For High Detail on Any
+$5 Background
All examples can be found ON THE RESERVE/UPDATES PAGE

What I Will Draw
- Human, anthro, feral/quad, mecha, monsters, MLP, a mixture of, etc
- G-XXX (anything except scat and hypermuscle)
- YES I am fine with: babyfur, BDSM/kink light to extreme edgeplay, crossspecies, etc
- If you want more than one character in a commission you must claim more than one slot.
- Commissions will be started and completed in order, and should take no more than 2 weeks each.
IA Reservation/Updates Page

Due to the demand when I posted this IA opening two weeks back, I decided to just put up an open reservation page. Info and rules can be found in the guidelines above. Your best bet is to RESERVE YOUR SLOT HERE, but I'm willing to take reservations in comments to this entry. If you reserve here it is however your responsibility to keep track of updates via the Reserve/Updates Page.

DO NOT reserve a slot without reading the guidelines.
DO NOT give me references now.
DO NOT ask where to/attempt to send any payment yet.
All info is covered in the Rules/Guidelines. People not following it will be bumped to the bottom of the reserve list.
Please do not hesitate to ask questions!
And sorry if the strictness of how I'm running this is off-putting at all. I just want to draw everyone awesome stuff with as little red-tape hassle and miscommunication as possible ^_^

<3 Tyber aka thatdogsakiller

Tea Time Icons Are Back

For $6 you can get your character in a cup of tea (or any other hot beverage)

If you want one please give me the following info

Background color:
Tea cup color/design:
Beverage (tea, cocoa, coffee):
FA username (if you have one):

Please send the payment to rhysigoldfish2[at]

December sale - Charity sketches!

EDIT: Thanks guys!  All my sale slots are full, but I still have 3 openings for regular price ($15)

Howdy, teenycommers!  I'm back offering sketch commissions, but this time with a December special:
-For $10, you get a sketch of 1 or 2 characters, fullbody or bust, PLUS a simple color wash (normally $15)
-fifty percent of everything I sell in december goes to Humane Society Silicon Valley, a low-kill animal shelter helping over 10,000 animals each year
-Turnaround time is 4 days max - all sketches will be done by Tuesday.
-I'm only taking four slots at the teenycom special rate, but I'm also open for larger works.  Check my price guide for details.

More art samples in my DA gallery and FA account.

Comment here or email with character info to get a slot.  I take Dwolla and Paypal, please don't send money until I confirm your commission.  Thank you!

Sale slots:
1. Byzil  DONE!
2. Aldersprig
3. Byzil
4. Thalassa DONE!

Regular slots:

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