May 23rd, 2012


Pay What You Want Commissions

I'm currently running a commission drive, focusing on cheap, relatively quick pieces that give me a fair amount of artistic freedom far as media goes. At the heart they're buyer's price, though I've set a minimum of $5 so PayPal will let me keep a reasonable portion of payment. What you're guaranteed at that price is what you see in the leftmost third of the sample image above (buyer's choice of transparent or gradient/Photoshop filter background) — I may choose to move towards the right in the guide but never to the left. If you want to guarantee a certain quality you may pay extra for that.

Base minimum price includes up to two characters, add $3 for extra characters beyond those two (though if you have more than four characters I reserve the right to refuse the commission).

The pieces may be done fully digitally, fully traditionally, or a combination of the two. In the cases where there are originals, you may have these shipped roughly at cost (rounded for currency conversion); typically this is about $2.

These are payment-on-completion; I'll show you a greyscale, watermarked version of the piece when it's finished and send you payment information at that time. I'm aiming for quick turnaround but don't guarantee any specific time frame by default; if you're in a hurry please tell me so ahead of time.

Full terms and details, including pricing for the "higher level" pieces, can be found here. You may contact me either through comments/PMs here on LJ, or through FA as described in that journal.

$8 Toony Icons!

Having a sale on my toony-style icons, only $8 each for a limited time!

I can work from a description or reference images. You’ll get a sketch to review and opportunities to correct your icon so it’s perfect. Images are 500x500 px and resized to your needs. I can draw anything- humans, furries, animals, fantasy, mechanical, vegetable, inanimate, or otherwise, and I can do joined icons for couples or groups. Add animation like blinking, glowing, smiling, etc for $3-5. More of my work: DA/FA/Tumblr

Paypal only: sashamorrissey[at]msn(dot)com and please include your username!

13 slots total, comment to claim!

Edit: Filling these up! Folks at the bottom of the list will have a bit of a wait, but I'll get these done as fast as possible!

Edit 2: Slots Full!

1. Vyse (PAID) -Complete -
2. Kazegin (PAID) - Complete- (private)
3. silveryote (PAID) - Complete -
4. silveryote (PAID) - Complete -
5. icelore (PAID) - Complete-
6. czgoldedition (PAID)- Complete -
7. czgoldedition (PAID)- Complete -
8. Kazegin (PAID)- Complete-
9. Aldersprig (PAID)- Sketch approved
10.Morrigans_Eve -awaiting info
11.Wulfsige (PAID) - Sketched
12.Wulfsige (PAID)- Sketched
13.thesilentpoet - awaiting info