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For your Teeny Needs

Little Bitty Spiffy Commissions
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
The promotion of fantasy and furry art commissions under $10 in price
Welcome to Teenycom!

Teenycom is a community aimed at helping artists get the word out on certain types of commissions- the wee little ones! It is exclusively for the promoting of ANY form of commission that is under $15 in price.

Default Mods on Duty: oceandezignz (PMs only)
Want to report a problem or make a suggestion and don't know who to message? Consult our handy guide!

Any questions on rejected posts can be taken up with the rejecting moderator. For the curious, vindonnus signs his letters as "Vinny". Other moderators will sign their rejections accordingly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Teenycom posts are currently moderated! This is to help us assure the quality of our posts. There will be a slight delay before the advertisements go "live". If you need your post to go live sooner for any time-sensitive commissions, please send a private message to a moderator!

The Rules
1. Post only commissioned artwork costing less than $15.

  • "Free" is less than $15. You may post free art.
  • Raffles or contests do not count. Every person must receive art for their money (or compensation for their art).
  • Artists may charge shipping or other fees that make the total more than $15. This is fine.

    2. You must wait 1 week to re-post the same commission. Significant changes in commission type or price makes it a new commission.

    Artists who posted and sold out all of their 'slots' may post sooner than 1 week if and only if they have completed all the commissions from the previous post.

    3. Do not charge "Paypal Fees" and do not avoid Paypal fees by asking your commissioners mark their payments as gifts. For more information please see this post or this post.

    4. You may advertise other commissions that do not cost under $15, as long as you post a link to those commissions in your post (i.e: "I offer other commission options, please go [here] to see them"). Please use discretion. Gross misuse of this courtesy will result in a warning.

    5. When posting images, you may not use images larger than 600x600px, and multiple images must be under an LJ-Cut. In addendum, please reserve any altered HTML for your own livejournal posts; often the format distorts many users' pages and it's genuinely appreciated if users keep to the basics for the community.

    6. When cross-posting, please either space apart the posting time or place your advertisements under a cut in order to avoid spamming the friends list of people who watch more than one community.

    7. Disrespectful behavior including to profanity or 'flaming' is not permitted either on commissions posts or modposts pertaining to community business. You receive 1 warning and the next time results in a temp or permanent ban depending on seriousness of the violation.

    8. Watch Dog System: If artists don't complete work for which they've been paid or customers do not pay for artwork completed, the offended party may contact a moderator by contacting oceandezignz. It is still advised that for bigger issues, users make use of artists_beware. Please note, we do not take action against members for behavior outside of teenycom for any other reason than a failure to complete commissioned artwork or failure to pay for same.

    9. You MAY NOT delete or screen comments on your own posts. If there is a situation, the mods need to be able to read the comment thread in order to determine what action, if any, needs to be taken. If you have a situation on your own advertising post with unrelated, rude, or inflammatory posts, you MUST contact the moderation team. We will be the ones to delete, freeze, or screen comments as appropriate.

    We also do not take ads from deleted LiveJournal accounts.

    10. Do not post your personal matters alongside in your entries submitted to the community. The entry should only be for posting the commissions themselves. Any user from this point onward will receive a friendly reminder in their inbox if this rule is not heeded. Repeated offending of the rules will result in a ban.

    11. No HTML which may cause problems or conflict with custom page view settings. This especially includes changing text color, background colors or posting anything that may change page-width.

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  • artcommissions This community allows for the promotion of all commission types, solicitation for specific commissions, and discussion of the commissioning process.

  • artists_beware This community is a resource for commissioners to air grievances when art is not completed in a timely or appropriate manner. Our mods also watch this community, and while we do not directly involve ourselves in disputes we reserve the right to ban or restrict an artist who has been repeatedly reported to this community.

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